combatcrazycarl (combatcrazycarl) wrote in socal_abandoned,

New and interested

Searching out abandoned things started as a young boy when i first visited old indian ruins in Colorado. Plus i find older architecture more visually pleasing. More interesting to me though is the link between lost treasures of the past and paranormal activity. I have some experience with spiritual contact, and what is known as Urban Spelunking, a term that i thought i had come up with before i heard that i was beaten to the punch. I have been to and abandoned mental hospital in socal a year back and the section of Old town Yorba Linda that was abandoned, which i'm pretty sure is or is slowly being teared down. Black Star canyon ofcouse is a givin, but what im looking for is something not so touched. Some place when maybe on of you has even done a spiritual investigation. I know the disclosure of this information puts it at risk, but i dont know how to asure you that i intend the utmost descreteness and respect of the information. I live in Orange and am not afraid to meet or go with anybody. Any info would be cool.   I think you can guess my name is carl 
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