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Abandoned Places – SoCal Abandoned Trip #2 – The Salton Sea

The North Shore Motor Lodge

Just a short walk from the Yacht Club was another lingering memory of the Salton’s unique past. The North Shore Motor Lodge and later the North Shore Motel was a typical 1960’s era efficiency motel for vacationers enjoying the beach, the boating and natural beauty of the Salton Sea. The rooms were spacious by today’s standards; there was pool, a snack bar (no restaurant) and well, the Beach in easy walking distance. It didn’t last..

The structural decay, rust and corrosion aren’t easily photographed, but up close it’s very noticeable. In one corner of the motel grounds, someone started a fire in a stairway that damaged several rooms on both floors. The metal supports holding the upper floor walkways are dangerously decayed and we actually retreated off the gallery. Metal thieves long ago broke into both wings of the motel and tore out copper and steel.

Note the fire damage at the corner

This pool has not been abused but the murky black water at the bottom might discourage that...

Not working.. It was lying face down in the dirt

OOOOOhhhhhh shuffleboard!

Let’s look inside

This was a serious WTF?! Moment. Someone had taken the time to not only stack boxes here, but to also paint them. We didn’t decide to pull them down as the one’s I checked seemed to be glued to the wall beyond. My guess is someone had or was using the place to live in at one point.

Please don’t attempt to change the temperature. Also, do not adjust your dial. We control the audio and we control the video..

What isn’t shown is that someone had knocked holes in the walls. The holes were no more than 3 feet (1m) high from room to room and purposely varied the holes so someone couldn’t see beyond the next room. Gnomes!

Heading towards the office I noticed the same “Deadhead Mickey” that my soon had seen as well.

Adjacent to the office was a snack, souvenir and sundries shop. This is the area behind the counter. It was pretty close quarters so there is a bit of unavoidable flash washout.

Here, my daughter plays Vanna White and displays a slighted used dishwasher

Storage room wall (it was pitch black in this room)

Heading out, Hikari found this calendar on the floor. She also found a really screwed up letter from a girlfriend bitching out her boyfriend for not treating her well at all.

Also found this overdue bill notice, dated “1-10-93”

Dark Guardian or Ghoulish Graffiti

No Vacancy Indeed

Bombay Beach ruins next week
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