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Southern California Abandoned Places [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Southern California Abandoned Places

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(no subject) [May. 13th, 2010|04:37 pm]
Southern California Abandoned Places
[Current Location |South Bay]

Hey people. I found this place trying to find a old hospital in LA that a friend was telling me about. I recently have been getting more into abandoned places although i have always had a interest. I have spent most of my time and energy on old historic buildings. I know the golden rule of not telling people about specific locations due to jerks ruining it for n00bs like me. but maybe some one would like to email me some hints or help push me in a general direction so that I can enter their great world of abandoned buildings. I hate to make the same post that every new comer has made, asking the same question. I have read the responses to their posts, but I have only found so much help. maybe is some one would like to come along sometime, meet up at a place for coffee before hand considering that going into a desolate place alone with some one neither party has met is quite dangerous, And maybe after that go exploring.so maybe if some one could send me a message on here. I look forward to exploring awesome places with some new friends :)

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Tips? [Mar. 13th, 2010|12:23 am]
Southern California Abandoned Places
 Just stumbled upon this group, and am super interested in getting tips on places to go in SoCal/LA, possibly meeting up with some folks for some exploring. I'm based in Oakland, but will be down in SoCal March 15-23. I'm already planning on heading to the Salton Sea, and a friend told me about somewhere called Kerusso Plains, but I can't find any info on it. Any info would be much appreciated!
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2010|12:33 pm]
Southern California Abandoned Places

Dear SoCal Abandoned,

I posted these a long while back, from the Salton Sea...
My husband and I were in the area last weekend so I asked if we could stop by and see...

RIP Salton SeaCollapse )
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Brand new to the community - I hope this post is okay! [Dec. 26th, 2009|11:45 pm]
Southern California Abandoned Places

I just stumbled across this community while goggling abandon places in Los Angeles! I've been scrolling around and I've noticed that most people don't reveal the locations of where they shoot outside of what seems to be public knowledge. However, I thought I would ask anyway and see if anyone could recommend somewhere for me to look in the SF Valley or LA in general? I'm definitely willing to drive and in a month or two plan to check out the Salton Sea, but until then I'm hoping for somewhere a little bit closer (other than the old zoo). I'm dying to break in my new digital camera! Totally willing to give my e-mail address or something if you don't want to comment in the public.

Otherwise...is anyone planning on checking anything out anytime soon? I'm a little wary about randomly joining a stranger, but I guess if we talk in comments or on aim for a bit I won't be so nervous about it.
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Scary Dairy [Dec. 2nd, 2009|10:15 pm]
Southern California Abandoned Places

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |milked]

My first time posting here. I and the husband like to get out exploring. Have plans to visit the SCU close to here and spend some time in the library with their grace researching the ground's history. Here are some pictures of our explorations today.

Taggers have unfortunately found the place...many times. Rumors of violent night time activity, not sure to truth, but judging by art work....and location day trips recommend.

We Plan to head to the oil refinery and the tar pits soon.....
But we are new to this in the area, so if there are any Ventura County spots that are real must sees, or anyone in the area that would like to get together and explore some of the spots you already know about.....get in touch!!

Happy hunting!
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First time posting ^-^ [Nov. 28th, 2009|02:32 pm]
Southern California Abandoned Places

[Current Mood |scaredscared]

I hope I did this right...
This is my collection of pictures at the same location, but different times.

xoCollapse )
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San Diego [Nov. 16th, 2009|02:15 pm]
Southern California Abandoned Places

Now that it's not so damn hot all the time, anyone have any suggestions of places for San Diego? I'm in San Diego, but I'm willing to go far east or north (or anywhere really if it sounds worthwhile). Also, would anyone like to come? I'm willing to drive whomever.
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Culver City again [Nov. 13th, 2009|11:44 am]
Southern California Abandoned Places

[Current Music |parakeets]

I posted about this before, but there's two houses in Culver City side by side that are PERFECT for exploring. One is opened, but I think we can get inside the other. Easy access, no "no trespassing" signs. Who wants to come? I'm thinking Saturday or Sunday. It's close to 90034, but I won't go any mores specific than that unless you want to go. Street parking.

Edit: So far, we're aiming for Sunday. Message me if you want to go!
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Ideas? [Oct. 24th, 2009|02:39 pm]
Southern California Abandoned Places

Hello, everyone.
I am new to this community but I am very interested in exploring some of these places that I have seen in this community.
I've done a little bit of exploring myself but I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for me, because I am going on a road trip soon.

I live in the Long Beach area of SoCal but am willing to go as far as San Francisco.
I would love to hear some of your experiences as well! Thank you.
Have a wonderful day. (:
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pasadena/LA area explorers [Oct. 11th, 2009|03:46 pm]
Southern California Abandoned Places
<input ... ><input ... >Looking for some people to get together with and do some exploring in the Pasadena / Los Angeles area. anyone interested?
<input ... ></input><input ... >
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