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Southern California Abandoned Places
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This is a community for abandoned place, lost locale and urban interest explorers of Southern Califonia to gather, exchange ideas, arrange expeditions and display their work.

This is a sub-community of abandonedplaces and is set up as a convienence to residents, explorers and interested persons in the history and lost places of Southern California (defined as: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Kern and Imperial Counties). Wikipedia offers an excellent definition as well.

This community dedicated entirely for those of us fascinated with everything abandoned

  • No spamming/advertising anything! It's highly annoying!
  • If you are looking for a new place to explore, try browsing through old posts or searching Google
  • For now LJ cuts are requested after the lead image or if any large images / text is included. Dont ask anyone to cut their photos / text, and use your own judgement when posting. We are all here to enjoy the photographs, stories and history of what once existed or is fading away here.
  • Disabling comments is not allowed and will result in your post getting deleted.
  • Please keep all posts in English.
  • Only post your own images/text (Where you own the copyright ©, or have permission).
  • Whenever possible post your photographs directly to the community instead of text linking.
  • Try keeping it down to 1-2 posts per day. Posting 5 photos, all in separate entries makes little sense.
  • No Flaming. Please stay civil and respect the other person's views and interests.

    As an added feature, may I suggest using the following

  • Pacific coast
  • Hospital (asylum, sanitarium, clinic, vet and so forth)
  • Home (from mansions to huts)
  • Military (forts, bunkers, towers, bases, hangars)
  • Vehicles (planes, trains, boats, cars and things that once moved of their own power)
  • Commercial (factories, mines, office structures, hotels, warehouses, stores, malls, etc)
  • Cemeteries (tombs, catacombs, death)

    If they apply, please use these tags to identify the nature of the entry, use location tags as memory tags as well. Please do not directly identify the address of a location in a post unless that place has restricted access. This is to dissuade vandalism and illegal use of the property. A general location (west of Lancaster or near Riverside) is fine.

    General rules of exploring:
  • Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.
  • The management does not encourage, condone or recommend breaking and entering.
  • Don't do anything dumb, different or dangerous than you normally do in life.
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